Relating to Objects

Configurable Trait

To easily relate Configuration to Models or other Objects, EasyCFG provides you with a Configurable Trait. This Trait will either use the primaryKey for models or the id property for other Objects to save the data. This trait uses the PHP Magic Methods __get, __set and __unset so any properties your Object may have must be defined. If you use this on a Model, you must add a $fields array containing all the Database Fields for the Model.

use CupOfTea\EasyCfg\Configurable

class User extends Model
    use Configurable;

    $fields = ['username', 'password', 'email', 'language'];

$user->language = 'en_UK'; // Saved on Model table
$user->landing_page = 'favourites'; // Saved as Configuration data

When calling the delete Method on a configurable Model, all related Configuration Data will also be removed from the Database.

Manually Using Data

If you don't want to use the Configurable Trait, you can still use the EasyCFG Facade to use Releted Data.

EasyCfg::set('landing_page', 'favourites', $user);
EasyCfg::get('landing_page', User::class, 5);
EacyCfg::delete('landing_page', $user);
EasyCfg::deleteAll(User::class, 2);