EasyCFG is a Configuration Manager for Laravel 5. It provides an easy way to save Configuration and other Metadata.

With EasyCfg, saving data related to other things, wether it is on your Application, a Class or an Object, becomes a simple task. Some use cases are User Settings and dynamic Application Configuration (e.g. in an Admin Panel), but of course you can use this however you like.


$ composer require cupoftea/easycfg ^1.1
// Global data
Cfg::set('key', 'value');
$value = Cfg::get('key');

// Class data
cfg()->set('key', 'value', MyConfigurableCommand::class);
$value = cfg('key', MyConfigurableCommand::class);

// Object data (Class instance)
// where $myobject = {"id": 1, "property": "value"}
cfg()->set('key', 'value', $myObject);
cfg()->set('foo', 'bar', MyConfigurableClass::class, $myObject->id);
$cfg = cfg()->all($myObject);

// Settings in Blade partials

// app.blade.php
<div class="content @cfg('scheme')-scheme">

// page.blade.php
@cfg('scheme', 'dark')

// Rendered HTML
<div class="content dark-scheme">


  • Simple access to Configuration Data via the Facade or Helper function.
  • Trait to ease setting data on Models or any other Class.
  • Configurable database table.
  • @cfg Blade directive.